Using the Basic Measures to Evaluate the Plan

The core plan data of size, time, and effort allows comparison against industry reference measures available for different application types.[6] In this case, the comparison is made against telecommunication (telecom) developments, and the plan can be confirmed as realistic and within the bounds of known industry values.

In the project, the basic data consists of the expected size at 32,000 LIS, the development time of 13 months, and the total effort planned at 87 person-months. Exhibit 3 shows the main build (MB) plan (black square) compared against the telecom industry trend lines derived from a database of similar developments. The core planning data shown is also used to calculate the process productivity of the development team assumed by the supplier. In this case, the process productivity value is determined at 12.5. This is consistent with the expected industry average telecom development value of around 12.

Exhibit 3. Comparing the Planned Size, Time, and Effort Against Industry Reference Measures

Thus, the "health check" on the plan shows that it is in line with expected industry values. The plan now forms the baseline to track and report development progress.

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