Time Waster No Processes Or Tools For Problem Resolution

Dave calls an emergency team meeting that afternoon. A few of the team members are off site with their business managers. He begins by blowing off some pent-up steam, which takes the team by surprise. After all, Dave has not voiced any concern about the schedule slips so far. Posting the original project schedule on the wall, he uses red ink to show how far they were from their milestones. He turns to the team and asks them why they thought they had fallen so badly behind.

He hears a chorus of replies:

■ "The scope kept changing and we never knew when to say 'no'."

■ "We had different ideas about who does what, and some things haven't been getting done."

■ "The guy I report to had some really critical problems only I could help solve."

■ "We figured you didn't have a problem with what we were doing."

Dave is once again shocked by what he hears. He realizes his team members are right and that he needs to quickly demonstrate leadership.

"Okay," he says. "I hear you. And I am sorry I didn't hear you long before this. We haven't had great communications and I accept responsibility for that. Now, how can we work together to get this project going back in the right direction? I have promised that I would give Belinda an action plan for getting on track by the end of the week. Now, who has some ideas?"

Team members look around the table. Some shrug. Others blink. None knows how bullish they can be in making recommendations. The team has never established precedence for surfacing or tackling problems. All wait for Dave to take the lead. And he waits for someone else.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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