Time Waster Lack Of Clearly Articulated Expectations

Two months after the now-infamous kickoff meeting, Dave feels that despite a rocky start, the project seems to be running pretty smoothly. Few people have aired any issues at the biweekly team meetings and even fewer have reported any problems to him. Most team members say they are on target to meet agreed-upon milestones.

One day, as Dave is passing through the cafeteria, he catches wind of a spirited conversation a few team members are having at a table in a far corner. He is stunned by what he hears:

■ "My deliverables are complete for this month. Now I can take it easy for the next week or two ..."

■ "How can you say that? I'm depending on you to complete a whole host of other deliverables before I can make any progress. You're not even close to finishing!"

■ "Hey, no one ever told me I was responsible for those things. As far as I am concerned, someone else is doing all of that."

■ "Well, who do you think is working on it?"

■ "To tell you the truth, I don't know. Ask me if I care."

■ "You know something? I don't think any of us really knows exactly what the other one is doing. Wouldn't you think that Dave would be concerned?"

■ "Nah. He's just happy he can tell Belinda that everything is going just fine. I think the guy's oblivious to what we're really doing — or not doing."

■ His knees turning to jelly, Dave makes his way back to his office and does a quick calculation of how much time has been lost with team members waiting on missed deliverables, which are apparently not on anyone's radar screen. Then he realizes that this cafeteria conversation included only three project team members. Would he have to multiply the time lost by three or four, if all members feel the same way?

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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