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Use of this model by project managers in isolation will not be enough, as is clear from the discussion of Sullivan. The responsibility for the successful outcome of an IS project cannot lie with the IS project manager alone. The model also lays open the need for active participation and proactive responsiveness from the group of stakeholders called Clients. The need for the IS project manager to undertake relationship building and management has been asserted. However, the whole concept of relationships and their management requires the active participation of multiple parties. Success cannot be achieved unless those with whom the project manager must establish the relationship are willing to actively participate in that relationship. There may be a temptation for the executive to turn over responsibility to the IS project manager with an attitude of "leave it to the nerds." Succumbing to this temptation results in the executive's abdicating, not delegating, responsibility. The executive who stimulates the relationship with the IS community will probably be less prone to being victim of the Client set of risks than a counterpart who cuts off the Relate behavior.

The model, strategies, and behaviors can also be used in audit mode, as in the Sullivan case. They can be used, at any point in a given project, to evaluate which risk classes have the highest potential for project exposure, thus enabling management to focus on the behaviors necessary to minimize occurrence. Just as the project manager must continually assess and manage the risks in the Self category, there must also be those charged with the responsibility for external assessment, counseling, and training to ensure that these Self risks are being appropriately managed.

[—]Fred P. Brooks, Jr. 1995, The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

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