The Nine Factors

The following nine factors can and do make or break IT projects:

1. Appropriate senior management levels of commitment to the project

2. Adequate project funding

3. A well-done set of project requirements and specifications

4. Careful development of a comprehensive project plan that incorporates sufficient time and flexibility to anticipate and deal with unforeseen difficulties as they arise

5. An appropriate commitment of time and attention on the part of those outside the IT department who have requested the project, combined with a willingness to see it through to the end

6. Candid, accurate reporting of the status of the project and of potential difficulties as they arise

7. A critical assessment of the risks inherent in the project, any potential harm associated with those risks, and the ability of the project team to manage those risks

8. The development of appropriate contingency plans that can be employed should the project run into problems

9. An objective assessment of the ability and willingness of the organization to stay the project course

The reader will realize that none of the factors has anything to do with technology. In addition, all the factors are straightforward, and can be easily understood by anyone with a business background.

Organizations that recognize and work to appropriately include the nine factors in IT project development are taking an important step in moving to more consistent IT project success. However, they will have to do more than recognize the factors ' importance. They must also understand the interlocked nature of the factors, which together form a mosaic of strong project management. If IT project success is to improve, the role and importance of each factor must be understood. A discussion of each of the factors will provide information about how they affect IT projects.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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