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The IS project manager's strategic behavior starts even before the project is initiated. Instead of having to execute individual risk strategies every day, the project manager now has four behaviors he or she must continually exhibit. The control behavior should already be ingrained in any practicing project manager. However, the other three, assess, relate, monitor, may not be so familiar to many IS project managers. For the IS project manager, this model provides a new way of viewing the responsibilities he or she has. For example, in the case under discussion, had Sullivan had this behavioral model and acted accordingly she probably would not have been surprised by the expected scope of her responsibilities. She would have developed self-awareness. Furthermore, having established the requisite relationships, it is unlikely that Sullivan would have been unaware that the system she was delivering no longer met the needs of the business. This model gives IS project managers new insights into risk and mitigation behaviors that may help them avoid the apparent fate of Sullivan and her project.

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