Today, organizations are highly dependent upon their IT to assist the organization in achieving its corporate objectives. Executive management, therefore, requires the IS auditor to deliver an independent appraisal of the effectiveness of the ITSC in monitoring and supervising the investment in IT.

The effectiveness of the ITSC is of strategic importance to the overall success of the organization in achieving not only its IT strategic objectives, but also in gaining a competitive advantage from its investment in IT.

The IS auditor must convey to executive management the importance of having an effective ITSC and its value to the board of directors of the organization in the discharge of its fiduciary duties. There is overwhelming evidence to support the assertion that the failure of the ITSC of an organization to monitor and supervise IT investment decisions and operations has been the one of the main contributors to the failure of an organization in failing to achieve its corporate strategic objectives.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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