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Selecting the vendor should be an objective process. Unfortunately, objectivity becomes sacrificed because "exemptions" are made to the criteria when applied to a specific vendor. Bias is introduced into the process and, not surprisingly, the results are also biased. Worse, it becomes difficult to obtain buy-in from team members and senior management. Whatever the criteria being used, however, the primary criterion is whether the vendor can provide services that will help achieve the goals identified during the determination of the business case. When developing the selection criteria, the organization should be sure to:

■ Create a specific, meaningful criterion

■ Use criteria that minimize bias and retain objectivity

■ Receive consensus from the members of the evaluation team

When evaluating candidates, organizations should be sure to:

■ Apply the criteria consistently to all vendors

■ Follow a methodical, logical process

When selecting the candidate, organizations should be sure to:

■ Receive input from members of the evaluation team

■ Reevaluate the selection to ensure objectivity and consistency

■ Communicate the results to all interested parties, including, for example, senior management and evaluation team members

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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