Success Tip Search For Vendors

It is very important to develop criteria for selecting vendors. The criteria should include overall reputation, market share and growth, responsiveness, expertise, flexibility in the types of outsourcing agreements, price, experience, size, and history.

It is important to ensure that the evaluation team has accepted the criteria and the selected vendors. This acceptance reduces resistance to the criteria and encourages buy-in from the team for the vendors that are selected.

When collecting information, the organization should be sure to:

■ Determine the criteria for looking at a group of vendors

■ Select the vendors

■ Determine the sources of information and their reliability

■ Determine exactly which information is needed (e.g., financial or market value)

■ Follow a consistent approach to avoid "corrupting" information When compiling information, the organization should be sure to:

■ Organize the information in a readable, comprehensible manner (e.g., matrix, three-ring binder)

■ Not omit any important information

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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