Success Tip S Manage The Agreement

Signing the agreement is not the end; it is the start of a new beginning. The relationship with the vendor must be managed to ensure the delivery of the desired quality of services for the money being spent.

For effective management, one person should be assigned responsibility for each contract. This person ensures the existence of ongoing communications, effective controls, and performance monitoring. The skills for managing a contract are less legal and technical and more account management in nature. The person should not only know contract management and have an understanding of the technology, but also possess good communications and relationship-building skills.

In addition to having the right person is having an infrastructure in place to manage the agreement. This infrastructure should include change management, scheduling activities, communication and information sharing, performance monitoring, and problem management.

When the organization forms the ongoing management team, it should be sure to:

■ Determine the required knowledge and skills (e.g., account management, contract management, business management, or scheduling)

■ Designate a business manager for the contract

■ Define each member's roles and responsibilities

When conducting ongoing management of the contract, the organization should be sure to:

■ Provide for continual communications with the vendors

■ Provide the means for ongoing oversight of the services being provided

■ Select software or develop a system for tracking and evaluating service delivery

■ Determine the data and metrics for tracking and evaluating service delivery

■ Perform a risk assessment to determine which controls should be and are in place

■ Set up an infrastructure for evaluating changes that are potentially outside the scope of the contract

■ Set up an infrastructure for problem management

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