Step Interview It Steering Committee Members

The IS auditor is to interview members of the ITSC to determine if the members fully understand their duties and responsibilities in monitoring and providing a supervisory role of the IT activities within the organization.

During the interviews, the IS auditor is to ascertain that

■ The committee members have the relevant experience, skills, and available time to undertake this critical role.

■ The committee is "balanced" to ensure that there is no "bias" by the committee members or any one member.

■ The chairperson has the delegated authority of the chief executive officer of the organization to take appropriate action on his or her behalf.

■ Resources have been allocated by the organization to support the functions or processes of the committee.

■ The charter is supported by processes to increase awareness, understanding, and the IT skills of the ITSC members.

■ There are processes (i.e., policies and procedures) to support the operations and decisions of the ITSC.

■ The committee has prepared, documented, and communicated

Guidelines and procedures for the preparation and submission of business cases to the committee,

Reporting requirements, i.e., format, contents (e.g., actual results against planned deliverables), and timing of reports,

ITSC meetings, i.e., format, structure, and timing.

■ Key performance indicators (i.e., KPIs) have been determined to measure the effectiveness of the committee.

■ Processes (i.e., procedures) for reviewing submissions, reports, and presentations to the committee have been formalized and agreed upon by the committee members.

■ The IS department management is given every opportunity to explain variances or exceptions.

■ Decisions and action taken by the ITSC are documented and communicated to all stakeholders.

■ Minutes and supporting documentation of the ITSC meetings are prepared and distributed to all interested parties.

Ideally, the committee is to include a member who is independent of any line function who will provide the chairperson of the committee with an impartial view.

The IS auditor is to verify, where appropriate, information provided by the ITSC members to ensure it is complete and accurate and to document its findings.

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