Statement of Work

The SOW is a contract between the person performing the tasks and the internal or external customer of the product. From an ISO 9000 perspective, the customer is frequently an internal one (such as the manager of an IS department) and the people performing the tasks (e.g., ISO 9000 implementation team members).

The SOW describes the project scope, major responsibilities, deliverables and final product description, constraints, and signatures. Below is an outline of an SOW with corresponding examples:

I. Goal

A. Obtain ISO 9000 certification of all IS development processes

II. Objectives

A. Complete ISO certification by August 28

B. Document 100 percent of the software development processes

III. Product/Service Description and Deliverables

A. Develop and publish quality manual

B. Document all as-is and to-be processes prior to certification

C. Train entire IS development staff on new processes

IV. Constraints

A. Training cannot exceed 40 hours per person

B. Third party registration cannot exceed $50,000 V. Responsibilities

A. Implementation team

B. Executive steering committee

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