Some Causes Of The Disappointment With It Project Delivery

IT development projects fail for any variety of reasons. Usually, those failures are not the result of a single circumstance, but the result of a combination of causes. Some of those causes include:

■ Poor project planning

■ A lack of well-done project requirements and specifications

■ Inadequate project funding

■ A failure of appropriate senior management involvement and support for the project

■ Limited involvement on the part of the people who have requested the project.

■ A failure to accept proper "ownership" for the project

■ The use of inappropriate technology

■ The assumption of excessive project risk

■ An inability to develop an appropriate sense of urgency among the members of the project team

■ Instances of distraction with other business needs on the part of members of the project team

The preceding is not intended to be a comprehensive list of the causes of IT project difficulties. What is intended is to illustrate that IT project difficulties can arise from many causes and from many areas. It also demonstrates that technology is not always the cause of the difficulties. It is safe to speculate that, more often than not, the technology is not the primary cause of IT project difficulty.

Although many approaches have been used to address the issue of IT project failure, the results have been uneven. Some organizations have made progress in some of the problem areas; some have had success in other problem areas; and some have had success in a number of areas. However, it must be admitted from an overall perspective, that few organizations have enjoyed high levels of consistent IT project development success. Very few organizations have been able to sustain high IT project development levels over a long period of time.

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