Six Functions Of Project Management

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Building a help desk is a project that requires laying the groundwork for its successful completion. This involves performing six key, basic functions: leading, defining, planning, organizing, controlling, and closing.

Leading is motivating people to perform in a manner that contributes towards meeting or exceeding project goals and objectives. It is the only function that occurs throughout the life cycle of a help desk project. It requires not only doing the right things but doing them continuously, from project inception to completion. Leading is also required during the execution of all the other project management functions.

Defining is identifying what the help desk project must accomplish. It requires pinpointing the overall goal(s) of the project, its specific objectives, the major players and their responsibilities, and any significant constraints.

Planning is developing a path to achieve the goal(s) and objectives of the project. It requires determining in advance who must do what and when.

Organizing is setting up an infrastructure that efficiently and effectively executes the plan to achieve project goals and objectives. The idea is to maximize the output of resources with minimum investment via communication and coordination.

Controlling is tracking (looking at the past) and monitoring (projecting into the future). It requires ensuring that the project has, is, and will achieve the project's goal(s) and objectives according to the plan.

Closing is completing a project in a manner that minimizes waste and maximizes effort as well as provide lessons for future projects.

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