Signoffs And Approval

Sign-offs and approval should be obtained at least at the following points of a project:

■ At the start of a project, preferably to begin an estimate of what the project will take to complete.

■ At the completion of the requirements definition and prior to development with an estimate of what the development effort will take in terms of development personnel, user personnel, money required for equipment, etc., as well as the timelines and task plans required to complete the project. This should be in sufficient detail to define the scope of the project, track the percentage of completion, and determine when key people need to be involved. If working with a vendor, this should be a contract.

■ At the completion of significant deliverables to ensure that:

o users are getting what they asked for when it was supposed to be delivered o the system has been tested to assure that it is performing and functioning correctly o the system has been developed according to programming standards and it can be supported

■ At the completion of the project to ensure that deliverables match what was defined at the start of the project. Invariably, once the system is developed, it will be different than what the user wanted or what the developer thought the user communicated. In some cases, this begins the argument over who pays for the changes. Usually this is where it is evident that it was critical to clearly articulate and document requirements at the start of the project. Beware of the introduction of the term "phases" at the end of the project that was not mentioned at the project's beginning.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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