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For organizations that do not have a methodology or are looking for a new one, this section explains what to look for in project management methodologies. It discusses the benefits and drawbacks of in house versus vendor-supplied methodologies, as well as canned versus customized methodologies. It then describes the most popular vendor methodologies.

First, an exploration of the benefits and drawbacks of vendor methodologies is in order. The greatest benefit of a vendor methodology is that the work is already done, which can save an organization literally years of developing an internal methodology. The vendor methodology has also been tested and proven to work, saving both the time and headaches involved in smoothing out process wrinkles.

On the downside, however, purchased methodologies require an organization to change its existing practices to match those of the methodology. If it does not, then the organization must customize at least some of the methodology. These customizations can vary from minor tweaks of the process, to customizations so severe that the original purchased methodology is virtually obliterated.

Another drawback of purchased methodologies is their price. Many vendor-supplied methodologies cost $50,000 or more for a perpetual license. In addition, some vendors charge thousands of dollars annually.

Some of the more popular methodologies for IS projects include Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) from Computer Associates and PRIDE from Computacenter.

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