Rolling Out A New System One Corporate Scenario

A major investment company developed a new system that allows its portfolio analysts to obtain detailed analysis of the performance of a particular portfolio with comparisons to relevant industry benchmarks. The new system is a significant improvement over the current approach, and the company feels that it will provide a major competitive edge in acquiring and maintaining new customers. The rollout of the new system was planned for the beginning of the year, and more than 200 portfolio analysts in 20 locations throughout the world were to be involved.

Six months after the rollout, the company returned to the old system. Portfolio analysts found the new system difficult to use, leading to serious delays in sending statements to customers. Consequently, the company decided to postpone the conversion until problems could be resolved. The systems developers claimed the problems resulted from a lack of understanding on the part of the analysts, whereas the portfolio analysts said the new system was too complicated and prone to errors. Part-time portfolio analysts in particular, who represent a significant portion of intended users, complained that the system was extremely difficult to use, and that what little training was provided was geared toward full-time employees.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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