Role of ITSC Committee

The overall responsibility of the committee is the monitoring and enforcement of information management-related policies and procedures, which are conveyed through various forms, e.g., corporate plan, corporate policies, executive directives, etc.

Specifically the role of the committee is to:

■ Review on a continuous basis the information technology strategic plan (ITSP) to ensure compliance with the corporate plan and overall corporate requirements

■ Initiate and oversee information systems and technology development plans and major business projects

■ Consider all proposals for information systems development from user/managers and approve their adoption or otherwise in terms of cost, resource requirements, net benefit, organizational impact, and technology impact.

■ Manage the information systems project portfolio, setting priorities for the development of the business information systems development, allocating the necessary resources, and monitoring the progress of each project against objectives and budget

■ Oversee the conduct of postimplementation reviews to assess whether or not projected benefits are achieved

■ Monitor and control "end-user computing" or any ad hoc information systems or technology development that is unplanned, has the potential to create excessive computer demand, duplicates effort, or does not create a "shared" business or corporate resource

■ Oversee and direct the activities of any subcommittee including project steering committees

■ Ensure that the ITSP is maintained up-to-date and that all changes are approved before being implemented

■ Determine policy on subjects such as research and development, user charging, and data custodianship

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