Role Of It In Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances are initiated in a number of ways, but those impleme nting the alliance (that is, IT) seldom play a part in the initial deal-making process. Too often, the business areas negotiate and sign the deal, with little or no IT involvement. Alternatively, the business areas might seek IT involvement in a fragmented manner based on specific questions.

Admittedly, a decentralized IT organization makes it difficult to pinpoint the correct person to contact on a particular issue. Also, while organizations might discuss the relevant requirements of the strategic alliance with those specifically involved, such as application development support, they often leave important linkages out of the discussion, such as telecommunications, data sharing, or call-routing topics.

Even if the organization has centralized IT support, the business area might still only feed parts of the strategy to IT, instead of taking the time to fully engage IT in the potential alliance discussions. Additionally, because IT is critical to existing business operations, the individual business units might be reluctant to use IT resources for such exploratory activities. For their part, IT organizations are often reluctant to make time available for such discussions, unless they are confident that concrete activities will result.

Of course, if an organization is creating a new business unit from an alliance, the business processes should be set up first, and the supporting IT infrastructure developed secondarily. However, these realities lead to a fragmented approach in setting up an alliance, and produce inefficiencies and weak links in the union between the companies.

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