Responsibilities Of Consultants

Consulting assignments should be built on strong relationships between customers and consulting firms. A consultant's objective is to obtain the business. This should be done on the basis of values that can be very clearly articulated. Consultants are responsible to customers for the following:

■ Taking the time and effort to clearly understand the needs of the customer

■ Honestly evaluating their ability to provide the caliber of people required to successfully complete a project

■ Clearly and accurately reporting, in a timely manner, to customers on the status of a project

■ Candidly raising issues of concern

■ Making certain that their employees have strong work ethics and provide a fair value for their expense to customers

■ Ensuring that customer expectations are met and, when possible, exceeding those expectations

The list of responsibilities is considerably longer for customers than for consultants because customers bear a heavier burden for a project's outcome. Customers must keep in mind that consultants deal with issues that arise everyday. So, in the event of difficulty, consultants are going, de facto, to be in a stronger position.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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