Resolving Conflicts

There are three general approaches to conflict resolution other than legal action, which it is recommended be avoided at all costs. They are:

■ A conflict resolution committee

■ Referring the matter to higher executive levels

■ Arbitration or mediation

The conflict resolution committee should probably be co-chaired by the two liaison representatives, with specialists added based on the nature of the issue, such as whether it is an accounting or technical matter.

If the committee cannot bring the matter to a compromise or other solution, it can be referred up the executive ladder — say to the vice president level, then to the CEOs — to resolve. This process sometimes can settle the matter quickly. However, it often takes valuable executives 'time away from their main functions, time they would take in researching and negotiating the issue.

Taking the conflict to arbitration or mediation is far superior to court action. Using the established processes of the American Arbitration Association can resolve issues faster, cheaper, and easier than suing, engenders less hostility, and can even be done without attorneys.

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