Reporting Arrangements

The reporting relationship of a PMO is an important factor in establishing the power and potential roles of a PMO. A variety of reporting arrangements is possible. A PMO can be set up as an independent group reporting directly to a president or executive committee. This potentially provides the office with considerable power and independence. Alternatively, a PMO can report to an executive within a functional department. This provides a lesser degree of independence but may still provide the group with considerable power. The reporting arrangement can be at lower levels; but in these cases, the role of the PMO generally becomes more restricted to particular areas of an organization's operations.

In addition to the external reporting arrangements, there are a variety of possible internal reporting arrangements that may impact the roles of a PMO. For example, in geographically dispersed organizations, there are benefits in establishing separate PMOs. These PMOs may report locally but be affiliated with the other PMOs or report to a central PMO. Matrix reporting relationships are also common.

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