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The widespread use of relational database technology and its advantages have been well documented. Such use has been applied mainly to critical business applications in the user department. One essential task in relational technology is to plan an enterprise data model that can support the development of various applications.

Theoretically, the enterprise data model can also be extended to support project management applications in IS departments. However, project data must be planned as an integral part of the enterprise data model. With relational technology, the project database offers many advantages over current, microcomputer-based project management products, including:

■ Consistent and friendly data structure

■ Openness or connectivity

First relational databases incorporate easy-to-understand tabular structure to store data. A generic data model for project management, shown in Exhibit 1, may be implemented as a relational database in which each of these objects (project, task, assignment, person, time record) is converted into a table. The project database is then viewed as a set of tables that is consistent throughout the organization.

Exhibit 1. Project Data Model

Time Record




Relational databases also provide an open architecture to support additional functionality involving multiprojects or other non-project-specific systems. For example, a relational project management system may interface with the accounting system, the human resource system, and the financial system to automate charge back, comprehensive resource management, and resource forecasting. This is in contrast with the current microcomputer-based project management systems that can primarily support record-keeping activities typically within a single project.

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