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What has come to be known as the legacy problem is not only a matter of today's inheritance of yesterday's assets. Tomorrow's legacy must be considered as well. If today's IS organizations use the same procurement and maintenance processes, handle the same customers using the same change control and architectural approaches, and then have to cope with four or five times as many technology choices, they cannot expect anything better five years down the road. One might even argue that the legacy situation of five years from now will be an order of magnitude worse than it is today.

As with any major reengineering effort, issues of politics and culture are significant. Traditional wisdom on integration has left a legacy of complexity. This inheritance must be managed in a world where the IS function no longer has the monopoly franchise on rapidly changing information technology. These challenges create the need for IS managers both to reengineer IS itself and to provide the leadership and understanding critical to rethinking perspectives and driving the change.

Legacy is not an episodic, one-time hangover from the days of the mainframe. Legacy is the ongoing challenge of leveraging evolving IS assets in the era of hybrid computing.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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