Recommended Course Of Action

The following points are highlights of the actions a computer operations manager should take to oversee and manage the work of outsourcing service vendors:

■ Establish a relationship of cooperative partnership with the outsourcing vendor.

■ When obstacles and conflicts occur, resolve them rather than fight about them.

■ Even though there is trust and respect between client and vendor, monitor performance and demand results that were contracted.

■ Select and rely on a strong liaison representation to coordinate relations with the contracting services vendor.

■ Make careful and detailed plans for the steps to transfer the work to the outsourcing vendor and, at termination, to transfer the work to another vendor or in-house.

■ Make parallel runs, if possible, with each change.

■ Explain the downsizing reasons to employees — clearly, openly, and promptly — and reinforce those explanations regularly.

■ Keep current copies of computer data and software in-house.

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