Process Mapping

The process management approach is based on a continual understanding, refining, and uncovering of the linked activities that form the process layers of an organization. This approach uses process mapping to provide straightforward assessments of how organizations get things done. A modified process-mapping technique is applied to minimize the problems associated with traditional process-mapping techniques.

Process-mapping exercises often fail. In an effort to document the detail of the process steps, the individual or team doing the documenting gets lost in the overwhelming detail of the process steps. The resulting process maps look like detailed logic flowcharts, with dozens or even hundreds of activity steps. Unable to comprehend or keep in mind the details of the processes, those doing the documenting often fail to grasp the essence of the overall process. The key to effectively executing process mapping is managing and displaying the levels of detail. At the highest level, a set of enterprise processes are described and then decomposed to lower levels of detail.

A detailed examination of the major steps for successful process mapping is provided next.



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