Process Management Approach

A process management approach to focused improvement is characterized by creating a capability throughout the IS organization (see Exhibit 1). Initiating a successful change effort requires:

Exhibit 1. Process Management Strengths and Weaknesses



Focuses on long-term systematic understanding of problem-solving within process framework

Takes a long time to see significant results

Builds a deep organizational learning of process

Difficult to sustain the effort over a long period of time

■ Understanding the current business processes within IS

■ Selecting key processes to be improved

■ Developing process metrics

■ Managing processes long-term using process owners who report key metrics

In the short term, the management group of an organization can select the key processes to be improved and then launch improvement efforts. In the long term, the process owners have the responsibility to put in place process metrics, assess the current processes using these metrics, and launch improvement teams based on the gaps between targeted performance levels and actual performance levels. The process management approach is often a logical evolution from the TQM approach, which tends to focus on empowering teams continually to fix problems.

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Project Management Made Easy

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