Preach Loyalty Rationale Continuously

To those employees who will be retained, management should continuously be explaining the goals of the organization, why the prospects are good for reaching those goals, and how the individual employees fit into the plans and are wanted to help achieve those goals. These efforts are necessary to bolster the morale and offset the feelings of bitterness and resentment that are inevitable among some of the employees who are retained after seeing many of their associates leave, even though they may be given generous departure packages.

After downsizing, it is natural for remaining employees to feel insecure, anxious, depressed, and even resentful. Open communications can help. It is well to continue discussing the place of the downsizing in the organization's overall goals, and to seek employee views and help in planning how the work can best be done under the post-downsizing environment. Let employees vent their feelings without being recriminated for doing so. Such communication can foster a renewed feeling of trust and sense of value.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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