Planning and Scheduling Termination

The transition to setting up the outsourcing arrangement required listing the myriad of details that had to be taken care of; a careful plan listing the equipment, software, and personnel changes to be made; and scheduling the events in a logical fashion. The termination process requires a similar listing of the hardware, software, and people changes and a time schedule for the events to take place. The scheduling process may be aided by Gantt or PERT charts, which help to identify the actions needed, their sequence, and the steps to follow up to keep the schedule on track.

The written or charted schedule also helps in coordinating the steps with the service contractor who, of course, must agree with the plan and cooperate to make it successful. There should be some guidelines about the termination steps in the contract, but they are never enough to be a working schedule at the time of the transition. Hopefully, the contract will set an elapsed period for the termination process that is ample enough to make it a smooth transition. If not specified in the contract, the pricing of the services in the termination period must be negotiated as one of the early steps.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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