Performance Reports

It is essential to arrange for some report to be made regularly on each feature of the performance standards so that the outsourcing vendor's results requirements will be measured. Regular and prompt reports should be made by the vendor of items for which a performance standard has been established, measurable or not. Some of the reports will be by-products of other data processing functions, most will come from the vendor, but some may originate from the client, such as reports from users about their help desk performance. The liaison representative is a logical person to be responsible for coordinating, compiling, and disseminating the performance results.

Some aspects of contract requirements cannot readily be checked by reports. For example, keeping proprietary information confidential is a matter that can be verified only by keeping full communication with the right people, discreetly looking for possible breaches and diplomatically looking into anything noticed that raises suspicions.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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