Good coordination is an important factor in project success. In turn, coordination success is based on interpersonal networks and informed project members, as reported in the survey study "Coordination in Software Development" by Robert E. Kraut and Lynn A. Streeter.[1]

Data from that same survey of 65 software projects suggests that personal communication is important for successful coordination in software development projects. The drawbacks are the high cost of one-on-one interaction and the lack of tangible results. The same survey also found that project members do not find formal impersonal communication, such as written requirements documents, source code, and data dictionaries, very valuable.

Project meetings are an opportunity to combine the benefits from personal communication and formal impersonal communication. Meetings are a place for personal interactions. Documenting the outcome of a meeting by writing meeting minutes or updating a design document realizes the benefits of the work accomplished in the meeting.

[1]Robert E. Kraut and Lynn A. Streeter, "Coordination in Software Development," Communication of the ACM, Vol. 38, No. 3, March 1995.

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