Outsourcing is often compared to a marriage. Each is a relationship in which both sides can benefit substantially. Yet both relationships have inevitable friction and conflicts. The key to success in both affiliations is for the parties to keep in mind the interests and desires of the other, and to try to please each other, and to resolve conflicts in a civilized way. The one difference is that marriages are intended to continue "until death do us part," whereas all outsourcing contracts have defined termination dates, which of course can be extended.

This chapter discusses the plans and actions computer operations managers, and others, must take to make an outsourcing relationship work smoothly and with maximum benefits for the client, as well as for the service vendor. There are always difficulties in these relationships — conflicts, obstacles, misunderstandings, and changed circumstances. These types of difficulties must be anticipated and approaches created for coping with them successfully. With careful planning and management, outsourcing can be a source of savings and other competitive advantages; some sloppily planned and managed outsourcing have been disasters.

Outsource Explosion

Outsource Explosion

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