Information technology (IT) organizations are under pressure to operate cheaper but also faster and better. At the same time, they must satisfy business objectives or meet requirements described in service level agreements as users employ complex information technology (e.g., client/server tools) in unique environments (e.g., virtual offices).

To meet these demands, many IT organizations are setting up a help desk to which users can direct inquiries and problems, ranging from training to network management. Many of these services are becoming automated in response to users ' needs for a fast, meaningful response. Yet an effective help desk is more than an automated tool. It requires a complete infrastructure to support it and to provide those services that cannot be automated. It is important, therefore, to build a help desk that consolidates and coordinates its tools and services to meet demands.

This need becomes even more important as the growth of help desks will climb steadily. Some help desk experts believe the market for help desk tools will quadruple by the end of this century. In addition, the market for outsourcing help desk development is expected to climb as the result of a failure to deliver services and contain development costs.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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