To discuss the legacy issue is to raise fundamental questions about how the Information Systems (IS) organization optimizes the use of information technology (IT) in the business. Instead of viewing legacy applications in purely technological terms, managers must look at the processes that generated these applications in such a way to make them problematic. This shift in perspective requires that legacy issues be understood within a larger business context.

In reality, IS is simply a microcosm of larger economic forces. Today's businesses are striving to respond to rapid change by creating flexible, modular business processes that can be quickly implemented and reengineered as necessary. To support these types of processes, IS organizations are moving beyond traditional transaction processing into new areas and deploying rapid development and client/server architectures. But if the IS function is merely trying to learn to perform systems development with new technologies, it is missing the larger challenge.

Although emerging technologies such as objects, client/server, and the Internet bring exciting opportunities to create new types of business solutions, it is legacy systems that hold the major key to future success. Legacy applications dominate IS resources, represent trillions of dollars of investment, and present the leading obstacle in more than half of reengineering efforts. In many cases, the IS organization itself is a legacy issue, tied to mainframes and old-world processes in a time of rapid change. Faster business change and faster technology change challenge IS managers to integrate business-driven development with legacy perspectives, processes, applications, and infrastructures.

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