The information systems (IS) community has always had a concern about quality. The pressure for delivering systems of high quality has never been greater. Time-to-market of products is accelerating; customers want the product faster and better. Offshore programming and outsourcing agreements threaten to produce systems not only cheaper but better. Software solutions can arise that can make the existing state-of-the-art obsolete virtually overnight.

The IS community is also going through rigorous self-analysis. The Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is raising questions about the way IS shops build and deliver quality system.

Self-analysis is being forced from somewhere distant and is growing in popularity. The pressure is for IS organizations to seriously consider becoming ISO 9000 certified. As companies, in general, and computing, in particular, become more global in nature, the IS community will increasingly face pressure to comply with the ISO 9000 series.

Project management plays an important role for becoming ISO 9000 certified. According to a study of ISO 9000 certified firms in Colorado, project management would have made their certification easier and more efficient. The Colorado firms cited teamwork and project management as the two most important lessons learned; the former is really project management, too. The firms also emphasized the need for training, greater appreciation of time required, and better project management. Arguably, the first and second items are project management-related, too.[1]

^Quality Progress, October 1995, pp. 71-72.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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