In the information age, manufactured products have become commodities. Global expansion in particular has allowed companies to clone products faster and at less cost with more regularity than ever before. Because the need for product differentiation becomes increasingly important when products are commodities, organizations are competing to bring the most innovative product to market in the shortest possible time and with the strongest customer service.

The ability of organizations to adapt to these marketplace changes is closely tied to the search for infrastructures that strengthen the organization and maximize its human potential. One such structure is the self- directed work team.

The process of developing a high-performance self-directed team profoundly influences the membership of an organization, management, and the organization itself. Innovation, creativity, collaboration, ownership, and employee satisfaction or even passion about work are some of the positive outcomes of the team-based organization that increase effectiveness and efficiency and help ensure market recognition and differentiation.

The movement to self-directed work teams and more interactive and innovative organizations is not an event or a program implemented through a basic and clear-cut plan. It is a profound and basic transformation in the way organizations relate, interact, and respond to each other and their customers. Although its path is unclear at times and the final possibilities uncertain, what is clear is that the transformation emphasizes relationships, processes, and learning. This chapter is designed to support IS managers who have recently made the decision to implement self-directed teams and those who have already achieved varying degrees of progress with the team structure. This chapter focuses on recognizing and managing the myths and the miseries associated with the organizational transformation to teams.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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