Information technology (IT) outsourcing is the use of a third party to provide services rather than using those in-house. It has become a growth industry and will continue to grow. Today, it has become commonplace for firms to outsource at least some aspect of their IT services. Some of the more popular services are:

■ Application development

■ Desktop/personal computers

■ Support services/help desk

The above list is by no means exhaustive and can, in fact, include many services that are not IT in nature. However, this chapter will guide organizations through the pitfalls that often plague IT outsourcing activities, like:

■ Cumbersome transition into and out of an outsourcing relationship

■ Incomplete or vague contracts

■ Lack of an infrastructure for supporting an outsourcing relationship

■ Negotiating a contract with an unsuitable vendor

■ Poor communications with vendors

Outsourcing Blueprint

Outsourcing Blueprint

With 'Outsourcing Blueprint' we'll tell you exactly WHY you should outsource, where to find reliable freelancers, what sort of work is best suited to outsourcing and what you shouldn't go near. In fact we're going to ease you through the whole outsourcing process as painlessly and easily as possible - because it's like doing a parachute jump. Once you've got the first one under your belt, you'll never look back, and your life - at least as a marketer - will never be the same. If you outsource the rights tasks in the right way it can make a huge difference to your income, and your free time. Both of which, I'm sure you'll agree are why most people get into internet marketing in the first place.

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