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When measured on the CMM scale of maturity, the best outsourcers rank quite high. While a consulting company may be successful in an occasional outsourcing engagement through excellent staffing, it cannot provide reliable and predictable levels of service, quality, and profitability across multiple projects without a well-managed set of outsourcing processes documented in a methodology. Highly experienced outsourcers develop a set of world-class processes that they customize and apply to each of their projects. The experience of the outsourcer over many projects allows it to select and combine the best and most effective practices from many organizations. These procedures are documented within the methodology of the outsourcer and are used to train its staff. Since outsourcers tightly manage their projects, process usage is enforced. By using the same processes from project to project, the outsourcer is able to shift its consultants as needed between projects.

IS organizations at the lower end of the CMM need years of effort and massive cultural change to achieve the level of process maturity present in a best-in-class outsourcer. Fortunately, IS organizations can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the outsourcer to move them up the scale of maturity faster than is possible through other means. Outsourcing engagements offer IS organizations a number of powerful benefits.

Outsourcing Survival Kit

Outsourcing Survival Kit

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