Organizational Stability

Reorganizations and staff turnover are difficult to manage, particularly in large organizations. These impacts can easily kill a project. A good project manager will anticipate the possibility of losing team members before the "two weeks notice" is given. Obviously, management should do what they can to retain key people. However, losing staff is inevitable — especially if staff is trained on "hot technologies" that are very marketable. Things that can be done to reduce the impact of staff changes are:

■ Training: ensuring that enough people on the staff are knowledgeable with the technologies to assure that the team is not overly reliant on any one person. This could also be used to help manage personnel who are resistant to change and do not want to deal with it.

■ Establishing backups: identifying who could fill a person's position, what it would take to get the individual up to speed, and implementing a plan before it is required. It may make sense to have designated backup individuals write parts of the system to ensure that they have the skills necessary to support it.

■ Mentoring: identifying opportunities for more senior individuals to assist others by answering questions, assisting with reasoning, and working through problems.

Programming standards: covers how code is to be written and documented to ensure that it can be supported by others.

■ Code reviews: involves reviewing systems as they are developed to ensure that they are logically written, understandable by others, and adhere to the documentation standards.

■ Maintenance screens: should be built to enable the modification of key system functions/parameters without programmer intervention.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

What you need to know about… Project Management Made Easy! Project management consists of more than just a large building project and can encompass small projects as well. No matter what the size of your project, you need to have some sort of project management. How you manage your project has everything to do with its outcome.

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