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Obviously, no methodology of this kind is static; it needs to be an evolving knowledge base customized for the vocabulary and practice of each organization. Commercially available methodology products should be regarded as starter sets from which the evolving organizational knowledge base is to be built. Each organization needs a methodology administrator who is charged with the constant improvement of the knowledge base and adapting mechanism, as part of the continuous process improvement approach.

Need to Adapt for Each Project The knowledge base for a methodology can become quite large; several binders on a shelf or 3 to 20 megabytes of online disk space are common. Valuable as this information is, it is often useless to the people on the project. A project manager is in the position of saying, "Out of all this good material, which parts are relevant to me and my people on this specific project, and which parts can we neglect?"

The Adapting Mechanism A methodology must include in the description of the knowledge base a mechanism for adapting the generic knowledge base to each specific project. Pulling binders apart by hand to make a project subset of the methodology is obviously not feasible. Some methodologies offer templates for the various types of projects, which can include package installation projects and client/server projects. Even within such a template, however, projects differ markedly, and a project manager is still left with the job of adapting the template to the project at hand.

What seems to work well is to have an automated questionnaire that asks a project manager such questions about the new project as "Will the application serve multiple departments?" or "Will there be a change in communications network loading?" Once the questions have been answered, a rule-based job can be run, to extract the minimum set of tasks from the generic methodology and create a methodology that is unique to the project. The rules can have the following form:

IF the answer to the question "Will there be a change in communications network loading?" is Yes THEN include in the project the tasks: "Review the network map" "Do performance analysis of network loading"

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