Myth Four Self Directed Means Autonomous

The outcome of this myth can be surprising. For example, the members of one team in pursuit of fulfilling their newly acquired responsibilities decided they would no longer provide support to a business application that was a maintenance and support nightmare. The team informed its customer to upgrade, rewrite, or purchase other software to handle this business application. On hearing of the team's action, the application manager quickly clarified the intent of team empowerment and reestablished customer relations.

To this team, the term self-directed was misinterpreted as meaning self- government or autonomy. As teams struggle at times with their roles and the depth and breadth of their responsibilities, such misinterpretation provides a ready source of discontent and an easy answer to difficulty. This leads to another myth about the homogeneity of the team function and roles of its membership.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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