Myth Developers Develop And Testers Test

The mere fact that there is a title or job description of tester does not mean that testing is only done by testers. Quite the contrary: a major component of the test effort occurs in development.

The fact is, only the development organization has the knowledge and information essential for unit, integration, and system testing: testing the individual units, their interaction with each other, and their behavior as a whole. Developers are responsible for creating the software, and they not only should test it — they must.

The assumption that only testers test is especially insidious, because it shifts responsibility for software quality to those least able to affect it. The testers are not there to check up on development; they are there to protect the business. When development operates under the assumption that they have a safety net, the odds are higher that the system will crash.

The real and only reason for having an independent test organization is to represent the users: not to assure that the software does not break, but that it does what the business needs.

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Project Management Made Easy

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