Moving To A New Approach

When the criteria for the IT project development project incentive plan have been identified, documented, and approved by senior management, the next step is to begin to install the process. Moving to the process should be done in a careful, controlled manner. To begin, a project should be selected as the pilot for initiating the plan. As with any pilot, the goal is to prove the feasibility of the process with a successful implementation. Whoever assumes responsibility for the project must do everything possible to ensure that the pilot will be a success.

As with any pilot approach, the first project under the new compensation incentive plan must be very carefully managed and controlled. Two goals should be considered in developing the pilot. First, it will be important to have the pilot succeed in order to convince those with doubts that the process has merit. The reality here is that this is going to be a plan to sell the concept, and whatever needs to be done to strengthen the probable success of the sale should be done. Toward that end, the project selected should be small enough so that it can be easily managed. Another advantage to starting with a small project is that it will not require an excessive amount of time to come to conclusions about the value of the process.

Second, the employees who take part in the pilot must be convinced of the merit of the plan. They must also be enthusiastic about the potential value of the approach and be willing to work hard to make the pilot succeed. Obviously, the selection of the people to participate in the pilot should be very carefully managed.

Although this will be the first attempt to use the incentive plan, it is going to be critical that as much work as possible is completed on the details of the approach to be used prior to beginning the pilot. Given that this is going to be the first time the incentive plan is used, it will be impossible to cover every detail. However, taking the time to think through the issues associated with the process, and addressing as many of those issues as possible at the onset, represents the correct approach. There will be items to be adjusted, added, or corrected at the conclusion of the pilot. That adjusting process will no doubt continue through other projects as more is understood about what works and what does not work; but the more that can be addressed prior to the introduction of the pilot, the better for everyone.

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