After the process had evolved to a fairly stable level, metrics were needed for better understanding of the process itself and the improvements being attempted. An automated database for metrics data collection has been developed. It includes problem report entry screens for key problem variables, as well as status tracking of open problems. The severity of each bug is ranked, and separate trends are maintained for what are ranked the major and medium problems versus the minor ones. The product quality metrics currently tracked (Exhibits 4 through 8) are as follows:

Exhibit 4. Released Software Quality Metric

Exhibit 4. Released Software Quality Metric

Exhibit 5. Customer-Found Defects Metric

Exhibit 6. Post-Release Problem Report Activity

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Exhibit 7. Post-Release Problem Report Aging

Exhibit 7. Post-Release Problem Report Aging

Age of open problems Age of dosed problems Age of major/medium open problems Age of major/medium closed problems Exhibit 8. Cost to Fix Post-Release Problems

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Released software quality: The total released number of defects per 1,000 assembly-equivalent lines of code (by release version).

■ Customer-found defects: The total customer-found number of defects per 1,000 assembly-equivalent lines of code (by release). This and the released software quality metric target the Motorola corporate goal of a Six Sigma quality level.

■ Post-release problem report activity: The number of newly opened and total open problems by month.

■ Post-release problem report aging: The mean age of open problems and the mean age of closed problems per month.

■ Cost-to-fix post-release problems: The total billed cost spent fixing previously released problems each month.

These metrics give Motorola the best view into items critical to both end users and project managers. The project team plans to expand metrics collection and tracking as it determines other measures that would indicate software quality and project success.

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