Methodology Training

While it is attractive to start training employees on the new methodology as soon as it is selected, this 'jumping the gun' can be hazardous to the ultimate success of methodology implementation. Certainly, the methodology will evolve as employees start using it, but there should be a base of standards in place prior to training, lest employees, at a minimum, require retraining. In some organizations, employees have actually revolted and chosen not to use the methodology at all — until standards have been established.

With at least tentative project tracking, estimating, change control, quality control, and project communication standards in place, the organization is ready to conduct IS departmental and client training. This training can be performed in three ways: using outside consultants, who often develop the training as well; via internal employees; or using a combination of consultants and employees. If the organization chooses the combination approach, external consultants often develop the training, whereupon they train the internal employees regarding how to deliver the training.

Since both project managers and project participants must understand the new methodology, it often makes sense to have two separate classes. The more in-depth class, for project managers and project leaders, ideally provides case studies, so they can actually practice the critical portions of the methodology. Although this type of training initially takes longer, the learning curve is less steep when project managers and leaders start following the methodology on "real" projects.

The training for project participants can be less detailed, focusing on their roles in the new methodology. It need not specifically train them to use all the pieces of the methodology.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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