Making Meetings A Valuable Communication Tool

What do meetings that one experienced as valuable to attend — meetings one keeps going back to — have in common? Here are some responses people gave in a survey for a project post-mortem:

■ The meetings address issues of concern.

■ It is important to get everyone face to face, but also limit the time spent doing so.

■ Everyone gets the same information.

■ Everyone is made aware of the changes.

Personally, the Sunday church meetings and the weekly toastmaster's meetings are meetings the author keeps going back to, because they seem valuable. Effective meetings have several things in common:

1. The needs of each participant are met.

2. Concerns important to the group as a whole are addressed.

3. The purpose is clear.

4. The atmosphere is comfortable.

The following sections discuss what can be done to make meetings an effective communication tool:

■ Identify the purpose of the meeting

■ Define the deliverables or work products of meetings

■ Create the atmosphere/context for success

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