Key Challenges

Time A measurement program is not a quick fix for a broken process with benefits that are quickly realized. Data must be gathered and analyzed over time before the program yields information that people can translate into actions that improve the development and maintenance process. It takes time to create a metric baseline, evaluate the results, and choose appropriate new actions. Then it takes additional time to compare new information about those new actions against the baseline to gauge improvements. Implementation of a measurement program is best viewed as a critical component of long-term continuous improvement.

Communication Part of making a measurement program work is convincing people that it will lead to organizational improvements. If program participants are not convinced of the importance of the program, chances are the effort will be abandoned before meaningful data is collected and used. If people believe that the results of the measurement program will be used to distribute blame unfairly regarding projects and products, then they will not participate in the program.

A key challenge of program implementation is thus communicating prospective benefits to the diverse audiences that will collect, analyze, interpret, and apply the information. At the same time, the proposed use of the measurement information must be made clear to all participants.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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