Issue Tracking

Issue tracking can be used to refine project requirements by documenting and resolving decisions that were not contemplated during the original requirements definition. The issues log is also a good vehicle for tracking outstanding problems and ensuring that they are resolved before the system is implemented into production. A common pitfall with client/server systems is the lack of stability due to software incompatibilities, network errors, and weaknesses with the database handling concurrent updates. Issues should be weighted in severity from "show stoppers" to "nice enhancements" to prioritize the development effort. The owning user of the system should be the one to determine if an issue has been resolved, as there as a tendency for developers to claim resolution prematurely. As with any problem log, the issue log should contain who identified the issue, the date the issue was identified and communicated, severity, a description of the issue, and if resolved, the resolution text. This can also serve as an audit trail of the decisions made.

Issues should be retained after they are resolved to be used for future trending. Trend analysis should be performed to track training issues, as well as problems with hardware, operating systems software, and other application software. If each error is logged, the issues log can also be used to track the overall stability of the system. The issues log can be used to diagnose problems by pinpointing the situations where the problem occurred. The problem information can also be useful in obtaining vendor assistance in problem resolution by providing clear evidence of correlation between problems and vendor products.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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