Interview IS Department Management

This audit procedure requires the IS auditor to interview the IS department's management. The objective of this procedure is to identify what processes are used to monitor, measure, and report on performance of IS function's performance. ITSC is required to provide the IS department with its reporting requirements of IT activities (including resource utilization, project status, etc.).

During the interviews, the IS auditor is to determine if the IS department's management is given the opportunity to raise issues with the ITSC, particularly if the issues may impact the process or success of implementing the IT Strategic Plan.

Often the IS department management feels that the ITSC is an imposition on its activities, because it believes that it is in the best position to determine what the organization should have in regard to IT.

If the IS department is raising issues that are not being addressed by the ITSC, it may be indicator (i.e., KPI) of the effectiveness of the committee. However, the IS auditor must be aware of any attempt by the IS department to influence unduly the opinion of the effectiveness of the ITSC without supporting and compelling evidence. Any issues raised should be followed up, provided there is sufficient evidence to justify the effort.

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