Interview Business Unit Managers

From the information gathered in Section 2.1 the IS auditor is to select a sample of IS projects (accepted or rejected by the ITSC) and interview the responsible project sponsors, i.e., business unit managers.

During the interviews and an examination of any documentation provided by the project sponsors, the IS auditor is to identify:

■ Deviations from the processes implemented by the ITSC with regard to

■ Requirements in preparing a business case

■ Submission and presentation of the business case

■ Project monitoring and reporting

■ Communications from the committee with regard to changes in project implementation status, i.e., priorities, resource allocation, and objectives, etc., which is important as it may have an impact on the business unit achieving its strategic business objectives approved by the corporate executives

■ Reasons for the rejection of business case(s)

The interviews should also be an opportunity for the business managers to express any opinion on the effectiveness of the ITSC in fulfilling its role as per the charter.

The interviews may provide sufficient evidence which would support audit recommendations to change

■ Membership of the ITSC

■ ITSC processes

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